Ruby! Phoenix! Tournament!

The Story So Far

A Review

The party, already legends in their home land, travel to Xieland Island, off the coast of Goka in the land of Xian Tia.

Along the way they meet Risha, a competitor in the upcoming Tournament.
They also meet Marthysan the Righetous, a half-elf Paladin who happens to be last year’s champion.

In the first round of competition, the party faced off against a team of monks using exotic and dangerous weapons including Meteor Hammers and Seven-Branched Swords.

They then TESTED THEIR MIGHT against a variety of objects in a spectacle of strength and speed.

They then faced off against a Shenzuzhou, a headless giant brought back and controlled by evil spirits. The creature was controlled by Kiang Zhen, a kuwa oni who serves as one of the Emissary’s main judges and protectors.

The next day, they faced the challenge of the Spider FIght, where they had to battle a group of monks on the side of a cliff wearing shoes of spider climbing. With a combination of Wall of Sound and Trip maneuvers, the monks were quickly eliminated.



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